Muara - Resto Padang

Muara - Padang Restaurant in Surabaya

Resto Muara terletak di daerah pelabuhan Surabaya, di dekat Perak.
Tahun-tahun sebelumnya saya pernah ke daerah perak dan merasakan salah satu rendang terenak di Surabaya. Sayangnya saya tidak ingat persis lokasi resto tersebut, hanya ingat di daerah perak. Karenanya saat melewati daerah ini untuk menuju tempat acara di daerah Perak, saya langsung mengajak teman untuk makan di sini.

Muara is a restaurant that serves Padang cuisine. Years before I had one of the best Rendang in town in this area, too bad I don't recall the name of the restaurant. So when I come across this place, I decided to get my gang to visit the place for lunch.

Resto Padang Muara - Surabaya

Resto Padang Muara - Surabaya

Resto Padang Muara - Surabaya
In case you're not familiar with the famous Padang cuisine, here's an explanation taken from Wikipedia

Padang food is the cuisine of the Minangkabau people of West Sumatra, Indonesia. It is among the most popular food in Maritime Southeast Asia. It is known across Indonesia as Masakan Padang (Padang cuisine, in English usually the simpler Padang food) after the city of Padang the capital city of West Sumatra province. It is served in restaurants opened by Minangkabau people in Indonesian cities. Padang food is ubiquitous in Indonesian cities and is popular in neighboring Malaysia and Singapore. The term "Padang food" is often used to designate the whole culinary traditions of Minangkabau people. However, this term is seldom used in Minangkabau inland cities such as Bukittinggi — a culinary hotspot in West Sumatra where they refer to it as Masakan Minang or Minangkabau food, since there are differences between Nasi Padang of Padang and Nasi Kapau of Bukittinggi.

Padang food is famous for its rich taste of succulent coconut milk and spicy chili.[2] Among various cooking traditions within Indonesian cuisine, Minangkabau cuisine and most of Sumatran cuisine, demonstrate Indian and Middle Eastern influences, which is various dishes cooked in curry sauce with coconut milk, also the heavy use of spices mixture.

Because most Minangkabau people are Muslims, Minangkabau cuisine follows halal dietary law rigorously. Protein intake are mostly taken from beef, water buffalo, goat, and lamb meat, and also poultry and fish. Minangkabau people are known for their fondness of cattle meat products including offal

Almost all the parts of a cattle, such as meat, ribs, tongue, tail, liver, tripe, brain, bone marrow, spleen, intestine, cartilage, tendon, and skin, are made to be Minangkabau delicacies. Seafood is popular in coastal West Sumatran cities, and most are grilled or fried with spicy chilli sauce or in curry gravy. Fish, shrimp, and cuttlefish are cooked in similar fashion. Most of Minangkabau food is eaten with hot steamed rice or compressed rice such as katupek (ketupat). Vegetables are mostly boiled such as boiled cassava leaf, or simmered in thin curry as side dishes, such as gulai of young jackfruit or cabbages.

Sambal Ikan & Kacang - Resto Padang Muara, Surabaya

Gulai Cumi - Resto Padang Muara, Surabaya

Ikan & Sambal - Resto Padang Muara, Surabaya

Gulai Kepala Ikan - Resto Padang Muara, Surabaya

Sambal Udang - Resto Padang Muara, Surabaya

Telur dan perkedel - Resto Padang Muara, Surabaya

Sambal Terong - Resto Padang Muara, Surabaya

Overall rasanya lumayan, tapi rendang yang saya pernah rasakan dulu lebih enak daripada yang di resto ini. Entah tempatnya benar tapi ganti koki, atau saya mengunjungi resto yang berbeda sebelumnya.
Untuk rombongan ber-tujuh, kita hanya habis sekitar Rp 180.000, jadi cukup murah untuk kualitas dan rasanya.

No complain about the food here, taste just fine as is. But the Rendang I tasted years before is better than what I have here. Either I viist the wrong restaurant or maybe the cook changed or something. For the seven of us, we spent just Rp 180.000, so it's quite cheap for the quality.

Here's another interesting fact, rendang had been voted the best food in the world on CNN

Rendang - no.1 of World's 50 most delicious foods in CNNGo

Muara - not serving samsung

bill - Resto Padang Muara, Surabaya

Taste           : 3.5 / 5
Atmosphere      : 3.5 / 5

Service         : 2.5 / 5
Value           : 4.5 / 5

Resto Padang Muara

Alamat : Jl. Tanjung Perak Barat No. 155 Surabaya Utara/Pabean cantikan

Telepon : 031 3536224


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