Bakso Pak Doel - Jagalan [Surabaya]

The Other Bakso Seller in Jagalan

Bakso Pak Doel - Jagalan

Jalan Jagalan biasanya terkenal dengan bakso 87 nya, yang harganya cukup tinggi untuk ukuran warung pinggir jalan, bisa sampai Rp 50.000 seporsi. Tidak banyak yang tahu, ada bakso lain yang tidak kalah rasanya, dengan harga yang jauh lebih terjangkau, bakso Pak Doel.

There's a famous Bakso Seller in Jagalan Street Surabaya, called Bakso 87. It's very popular, and you need to shell out some dough to eat here. It costs as much as Rp 50.000 for a bowl of Bakso. There's a less known alternative, another Bakso seller in the vicinity. Costing much cheaper with similar good taste, albeit simpler menu, Bakso Pak Doel.

Bakso Pak Doel

If you're not familiar with Bakso, here's a short description from Wikipedia : 
Bakso or baso is Indonesian meatball or meat paste made from beef surimi and is similar in texture to the Chinese beef ballfish ball, or pork ball.[1] Bakso is commonly made from beef with a small quantity of tapioca flour, however bakso can also be made from other ingredients, such as chicken, fish, or shrimp. Bakso are usually served in a bowl of beef broth, with yellow noodlesbihun (rice vermicelli), salted vegetables, tofu, egg (wrapped within bakso), Chinese green cabbagebean sproutsiomay or steamed meat dumpling, and crisp wonton, sprinkled with fried shallots and celery. Bakso can be found all across Indonesia; from the traveling cart street vendors to restaurants. Today various types of ready to cook bakso also available as frozen food commonly sold insupermarkets in Indonesia. Slices of bakso often used and mixed as compliments in mi gorengnasi goreng, or cap cai recipes.
Unlike other meatball recipes, bakso has a consistent firm, dense, homogeneous texture due to the polymerization of myosin in the beef surimi.

Bakso Pak Doel Jagalan
Pilihan baksonya bisa dilihat di sini, dari yang biasa, isi telur puyuh hingga yang bakso kotak.

Here they have a selection of meatballs to choose, from a regular one, bigger one filled with quail egg, and also a cubed meatball.

Bakso Pak Doel Jagalan - Surabaya

Bakso Pak Doel Jagalan - Surabaya
Harga bakso di sini jauh lebih terjangkau dibanding tetangganya, untuk satu porsi bakso ini, ditambah dua es jeruk, kita hanya habis Rp 25.000

The price here is much cheaper compared to the neighboring street vendor. For a bowl of Bakso and two orang juice, we paid Rp 25.000

Bakso Pak Doel Jagalan - Surabaya
Pilihan saosnya tersedia di meja, lengkap mulai kecap, sambal, tomat hingga yang jarang ada (biasanya diganti cuka), jeruk nipis. Jangan lupa menambahkan jeruk nipis untuk menambah kenikmatan makan baksonya.

There's plenty of lime wedges provided to add a tangy sensation to the rich soup, it cuts back on the fattiness of the dish and balanced it nicely.

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