30 September 2012

Shichidon - Galaxy Mall

Shichidon - Galaxy Mall Surabaya

Di Galaxy Mall terdapat beberapa restoran baru, ada pavilion steak di lantai atas dan Shichidon di lantai 2, berdekatan dengan resto fast food Wendy's
Lokasinya tidak terlalub besar, menampung sekitar 50 orang, tapi desainnya menarik dan cukup cozy.
Makanan yang disajikan sebangsa bento dan ramen, pilihannya tidak terlalu banyak, tapi hal ini yang kadang perlu dilakukan untuk menjaga mutu makanan.
Untuk harga yang ditawarkan setara dengan Bentoya dan di bawah Sushi Tei
[update 2015: Shicidon GM sudah tutup, lokasinya ditempati Blue Bassil]

New restaurants are popping up in Galaxy Mall, the biggest mall in East Surabaya. There's Pavilion, serving steaks and grill, which I haven't tried yet, and this small but cozy Japanese Restaurant, Shichidon. The choices are not overwhelming like many Japanese restaurant in Surabaya, struggling to overcrowd the menu with only mediocre taste. What they've done is making a solid tasting food with a decent price to accompany it

[update 2015: Shicidon is no longer available in Galaxy mall, the location is now being used by Blue Bassil

28 September 2012

Vietnam day 3 , Hanoi - Temple of Literature

 Hanoi - Temple of Literature

Di Hanoi obyek wisata yang terkenal ada museleum Ho Chi Minh dan Temple of Literature. Karena tidak terlalu awam dengan sejarah perang Vietnam dan tidak terlalu ngefans dengan suasana museum apalagi makam -museleum ini tempat pembalsaman mumi Ho Chi Minh, jadi ktia memilih kuil satu ini

Typical siang hari di Hanoi, puanass nasss nasss. Tapi tempatnya cukup menarik, ada beberapa courtyard atau lapangan yang membagi-bagi kuil ini. Kuilnya sendiri dibangun pertama pada tahun 1070, sesuai dengan namanya, di dalam kuil ini terdapat universitas pertama di Vietnam.

Temple of Literature is one of the tourist attraction recomended in online website and forum. Other famous attraction include the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, which we're not really keen on. Since crypt and museum are not my favorite place to have fun :p

It's very hot in Hanoi during August, be sure to prepare suntan lotions and big hats. This temple is built in 1070 and in the courtyards is the first university in Vietnam. Though I'm not really sure what constitutes as university here.

26 September 2012

Oliver Kern & Iskandar Wijaya Concert @ Majapahit Surabaya

Oliver Kern & Iskandar Wijaya Concert - Surabaya

Back in January 2012, this is the first concert I attend with a special someone. this time around I got a chance to reminiscence due to blogger interface mishaps. Accidentally erased all of my concert posts.
In comparison with other venue, Majapahit is simply the best for concert, beating Empire Palace, Cak Durasim and such

This duet was also one of the most memorable, maybe it's due to the first time seing a decent recital, but few recital and concerts later, I consider this to be the best one this year.
Hopefully I get a chance to see them perform again in the near future.

Blogger interface Rant - Labels fiasco (Update with solution)

Don't go searching for 'edit' or 'remove' labels options, Google says you can't have one

So earlier today I was trying to change my dang labels from Indonesian to English...
And guess what, I don't know what happened exactly, but after about an hour or so, I accidentally delete all the post in a label. Thanks God it was only contain about 5 posts, labeled art and culture which mostly contain music concert and such.

It's not that I am some sort of an old geezer who can't learn to use interface, I've browsed from google help groups and other blogs for this topic, and the best I got is to use blogger old interface, which wasn't there anymore T_T

Legend has it that the "old blogger interface" was suppose to be here

Depot Anda Fit Surabaya

Depot Anda Fit -  Traditional Indonesian diner

Fried Oxtail (Buntut Goreng) served with soup - not shown

Depot Anda is a famous eatery that serves traditional Indonesian food, their first restaurant open in rural area, Mojokerto, which was frequently visited by people from Surabaya when they travel to the western part of the country like Jakarta / Jogja.

A few years back, they open a branch, name Depot Anda Fit, which priced itself quite reasonably. The most famous one is the fried oxtail soup, and also a variant in rawon (black thick soup, think of Indonesian goulash). My own favorite is the Pecel, which is assortment of vegetable with peanut sauce and rice, which they serve with or without meat (usually fried chicken or beef aka empal)

One other menu is the tempe penyet, it's quite spicy but very nice, priced at about Rp 9.000 or US$1 without rice. for a light meal you can spend as little as Rp 20.000 or US$ 2 here.

25 September 2012

Blogging, like a sir

No, I am not referring that I'm going to blog like a snobbish British bloke
In a bid to get this blog to be approved for google adsense and similar service, I realize that we kinda need to get anglo saxon.... which is fine by me, since I usually prefer to write in English anyways.

I've make the last few  posts as dual language, providing an Indonesian and English texts, in different fonts and in turns, which sometime can be a bit confusing to read.
Hopefully this wont alieanate the readers who does not speak English, I'm still trying to decide weather to do a bilingual posts, or just create two different post, one in Indonesian and one in English, or just use English altogether

Please leave comments here or email me if you have oppinion on this matter

Credit Card Promo September 2012 (update)

Credit Card Promo September 2012 (update)

Here are some of the promo for credit card in Surabaya and surounding areas (courtesy of  Mr. Hartono.S) :

Updated : 25 Sept 2012

### BCA ###
* Haagen Dazs, Buy1Get1-Only Monday, BCA Card, (from Aug 12)

* Hard Rock Cafe Jkt, Buy1Get1-Only Monday, BCA Card, (from Aug 12)

* Krispy Kreme, Buy1Get1-Only Monday, BCA Card, (from Aug 12)

* Pizza Hut,  Buy1Get1-Only Monday, BCA Card, Max 2 Menu/1x Trx, Dine in (from Aug 12)

* Starbucks, Free Tall Drinks, BCA Platinum, Only at Airports (from Aug 12)

### HSBC ###
* Fish&Co, 15% (till 30 Apr 2013)

### Mandiri ###
* Bakerzin, Platinum 20% F&B, min 100rb-max 1jt after disc (till 30 Sept 2012)

* Excelso, 25%, Visa Platinum, min 150rb (till 31 Mar 2013)

* Haagen Dazs, 15%, Visa Platinum, (till 31 Mei 2013)

* Hare & Hatter (Citraland, GWalk A1-1), Buy1Get1 F&B (till 30 Sep 2012)

* Hoka Hoka Bento, Free Dessert/Soup, till 20 Jul 2013

* Paradise Dynasty (CW), Platinum 15% F&B, min 100rb after, free XiaoLongBao for 500rb trx (till 30 sept 2013)

* XO Suki Group,  30% Food-DineIn, min 100rb B4 Disc, Max 1jt after disc (Till 30 Apr 2013)

* Gekko (previously Dante cafe) up to 50% Off on food, min Rp 150.000

 ### Standard Chartered ###
* Wagyu Smith Ciputra World, Buy one get one (till 30 Sep 2012)

 ### BII Angry Birds ###
* Angus House WTC - Discount 50% Off

The Lounge - Lenmarc

The Lounge - Lenmarc Surabaya

The Lounge as the name state is sort of a dive bar, where the atmosphere is casual with a live music entertainment. From the menu, they seems to emphasize on drinks option, the food served are typical of pub's grub. Assortment of burger, pizza, chicken wings and BBQ.  It's adjacent to The Capital, which also similarly themed, though having different patrons in mind. The Capital is a bit pricier and upscale.

Sesuai dengan namanya, the lounge adalah tempat hang out yang lebih mirip pub daripada restaurant, alunan live music dan pilihan minuman yang beragam menjadi daya tarik utamanya. Minuman yang disajikan memiliki nama-nama unik, sebagian ada yang beralkohol, sedangkan untuk makanan berkisar pilihan makanan pub pada umumnya seperti pizza, burger, chicken wings dan bbq.
Letaknya dekat dengan the Capital yang lebih dahulu terkenal.

20 September 2012

Pecel Bu Kus - Surabaya

Pecel Bu Kus - Surabaya

Minggu ini saya bersama teman mencoba sarapan di pecel Bu Kus. Nuansanya agak 'spesial' karena sebelumnya mengikuti event charity ke RSUD Dr Sutomo... Jadi selera makannya benar-benar drop habis-habisan ^^. Untungnya rasa makanan dan minuman di sini cukup enak, jadi selera makan yang sempat hilang bisa muncul kembali.
Lokasi resto ini di Baratajaya, dekat dengan pecel Bratang favorit temen saya, yang lokasinya di kompleks Ruko 1 block setelah Pasar Burung Bratang.  (http://doyanmoto.blogspot.com/2012/01/pecel-favorit.html)

Tampak depan

19 September 2012

Yung Ho Seafood - Oyster Sashimi joint in Surabaya

 Yung Ho Seafood - Tiram mentahnya yummy

If you ever craved for raw oyster shucks or oyster Sashimi, there ain't lot of option here in Surabaya. Food Hygiene and preparation method are important part of preparing this dish. While it's very easy to get slices of raw fish sashimi, oyster is another matter. Most Japanese restaurant here served it half boiled and called it sashimi, but it's world apart from the raw oyster you usually get in the western countries.
One place that also regularly served oyster sashimi is Angus House restaurant, a posh steak house with a hefty bill to accompany :D
If you ever want to taste raw oyster on the cheap, Yung Ho Seafood is definitely a good place to go. It's atmosphere is not that great, typical Chinese restaurant, but you can't beat the price.

Setelah sempat membahas singkat di awal tahun tentang Yung Ho seafood, sekarang saya ingin melengkapi tentang tempat favorit saya untuk menikmati tiram / oyster.
Sebelum ke menu Oyster, saya share dulu beberapa menu lain yang sempat dicoba.Yungho Seafood ini di bagian depannya ada tempat penampungan ikan hidup dan kerang, jadi kesegarannya lumayan terjamin, walau tempatnya tidak sebersih & senyaman tempat satunya yang menyediakan Oyster (Angus House :p). Jelas harganya beda jauh tentu beda kualitas tempat, penyajian atau bahan. Tapi untuk kebersihan makanannya sendiri cukup ok sepertinya. Dari sekitar 4 kali saya mengunjungi tempat ini untuk menikmati tiram, tidak pernah ada masalah perut.

Before talking more about the oyster, here are some of the other dishes they serve :


18 September 2012

Vietnam Trip day 3 - Hanoi in the morning

Hanoi - Morning

Tulinh Palace Hotel

Tiba di Hanoi, disambut airport yang cukup baik, lebih banyak informasi dibandingkan di Ho Chi Minh, jadi kita bisa bertanya-tanya di tourist information center, dan untuk Taxi pun ada pengumuman tarifnya, jadi kita tidak harus tawar menawar lagi.

12 September 2012

Pentax K5 II - DSLR start to part ways with AA Filter

Pentax K5 II - Trend DSLR tanpa Low Pass Filter

For the Photokina event, Pentax release their new flagship DSLR which is Pentax K5 II.
The most interesting part about this particular series is the option of Pentax K5 IIs, which is a variant of the camera without it's anti alias filter / low pass filter.

What is low pass filter?

The explanation can be seen in this previous post : 
AA Filter is a layering of filter, in front of the image sensor, which is there to eliminate moire and other artifacts form the final image / video. It reduces the bandwith that are captured by the sensor, resulting in a finer image, free of moire, but in the process reducing overall resolution.

07 September 2012

Vietnam Trip - Day 2 afternoon, Ho Chi Minh Mall & Ben Thanh Market

Vietnam Trip - Day 2 afternoon 

Ho Chi Minh Mall & Ben Thanh Market

Prewedding @ Ho Chi Minh
 Setelah melewatkan pagi dan siang hari di kota Ho Chi Minh, puas melihat couple melakukan foto prewedding di aera Notredam dan kantor pos, panas semakin menyengat dan kita memutuskan untuk melarikan diri ke Mall terdekat untuk nebeng AC ^^
Perjalanan ke Mall ditempuh dengan jalan kaki, karena lokasinya cukup dekat, supaya penat sedikit hilang, kita sempat mampir ke mini market dan membeli ice cream.

03 September 2012

Eat and Eat Surabaya - Pujasera gaul

Eat & Eat - Surabaya

Lazimnya pujasera mengedepankan harga ekonomis dan rasa tradisional, Eat & eat adalah pujasera yang berbeda sendiri, pilihan gerainya menyajikan ragam masakan asia yang beragam. Harganya pun termasuk lumayan, untuk makanan utama rata-rata berkisar Rp 30.000.

Salah satu keunggulan pujasera ini adalah nuansa pecinan kuno yang ditawarkan, karenanya tempat ini sering dipakai untuk hang out dan lokasi foto-foto yang cukup laris.

whos.amung.us :