Blogger interface Rant - Labels fiasco (Update with solution)

Don't go searching for 'edit' or 'remove' labels options, Google says you can't have one

So earlier today I was trying to change my dang labels from Indonesian to English...
And guess what, I don't know what happened exactly, but after about an hour or so, I accidentally delete all the post in a label. Thanks God it was only contain about 5 posts, labeled art and culture which mostly contain music concert and such.

It's not that I am some sort of an old geezer who can't learn to use interface, I've browsed from google help groups and other blogs for this topic, and the best I got is to use blogger old interface, which wasn't there anymore T_T

Legend has it that the "old blogger interface" was suppose to be here

Got fed up and throw away the label altogether. Google really have great services like android, google map and all, but this blogger interface is one of the worst I've got to deal with.
Even obsolete site like fotopic had better interface and decent options. The fact that blogger don't include a decent and user friendly option to edit and remove label is a huge disservice

Cara hapus Label di blogger

Update : 

Akhirnya menemukan caranya
Di bagian menu post, ada pilihan label, tinggal klik di checkbox mana yang ingin di edit, lalu gunakan tag label. Tag label pada saat post tidak tercantum label = memberi label.
Tag label pada saat post sudah tercantum label = hapus label

Contoh di bawah, poada post "Blog like a sir" ini, belum ada label apa-apa, jadi bila saya klik salah satu label, akan tercantum label seperti yang depot anda fit 'kuliner dan makanan'
Jika saya ulang lagi langkah yang sama, pada saat post sudah tertanda label 'kuliner dan makanan', maka itu akan menghapus label yang sudah ada
bisa dilakukan berbarengan dengan centeng beberapa post sekaligus

Hapus Label
Saat label yang ingin dihapus sudah tidak terdaftar pada post manapun, dengan sendirinya akan hilang

Finally found the way to remove the labels
You can do it by untagging all the posts marked that label, and it will be automatically removed.
How to untag the posts? by using this menu :

When you click the checkbox of the posts you want to change label, and than you pull down the drop down menu, you can either tag or untag labels by doing so. If the post haven't got the label, it will be tagged. If the post have been labeled with the label you've chosen, it will be untagged