Depot Anda Fit Surabaya

Depot Anda Fit -  Traditional Indonesian diner

Fried Oxtail (Buntut Goreng) served with soup - not shown

Depot Anda is a famous eatery that serves traditional Indonesian food, their first restaurant open in rural area, Mojokerto, which was frequently visited by people from Surabaya when they travel to the western part of the country like Jakarta / Jogja.

A few years back, they open a branch, name Depot Anda Fit, which priced itself quite reasonably. The most famous one is the fried oxtail soup, and also a variant in rawon (black thick soup, think of Indonesian goulash). My own favorite is the Pecel, which is assortment of vegetable with peanut sauce and rice, which they serve with or without meat (usually fried chicken or beef aka empal)

One other menu is the tempe penyet, it's quite spicy but very nice, priced at about Rp 9.000 or US$1 without rice. for a light meal you can spend as little as Rp 20.000 or US$ 2 here.

Tempe Penyet - Soybean cake with chilly sauce

Nasi Pecel - the vegetarian version

Nasi Pecel is a dish quite popular for breakfast and lunch, it's sauce is usually not as heavy as Gado-gado. I particularly like the lighter sauce, peanut is not my favourite :D

Sayur Asem - sour vegetable soup

Ice Cao
The ice Cao and ice Dawet are also nice, priced @ Rp 6.000 and Rp 9.000. There's also a variant of drinks, though simple kinds only, what they lack in option they make up in taste.

Ice Dawet

You can also buy assortments of snacks here, the few option are peanut candy, Sambel Goreng Kentang (potato chips and chilly)

Here are a few snapshots of the menu they offer :

menu in Darmo Permai Selatan branch :

 There's another chain of Depot Anda in Galaxy Mall's food court, but it's under different name (and probably different management) but they serve up pretty much the same menu :

Depot Anda Bersaudara Mojokerto - food court Galaxy Mall

Taste             : 7.5 / 10

Atmosphere  : 6 / 10 
Service         : 6 / 10 
Value            : 7 / 10

Depot Anda Fit
Jl Walikota Mustajab no 74

Jl Simpang Darmo Permai Selatan III/70