City Hotel, Ho Chi Minh

City Hotel, Ho Chi Minh - Vietnam

First day in Vietnam, we stayed at City Hotel, Ho Chi Minh
It's nicely situated, near a night market. The only drawback is that the taxi must stop 30 meters in front of the alley, due to restriction on vehicle entering the market area.

Vinasun - this and Malinh are the recomended taxi company

Nice, decently furnished room
Though it's quite small, the room are comfortable. With LCD TV and adequate tables to put your phone, camera etc.

Slippers and safe

Tiny but clean and comfy bathroom
This is the kind of hotel that though small, doesn't have the quirk and stuffy feeling you usually get from staying in such a small space.
If I have a complain about this hotel, it's the meager channel selection. Only got HBO, discovery and CNN for English language channel.
They serve those famous Trung Nguyen instant coffee, which blows away the usual instant tasteless coffee you usually get.
PC + Internet, the new standard in Vietnamese hotel
Outside of the hotel
Minibar with mini price
Breaking from the usual tradition of choking price minibar, they offer drinks at very low cost here. Coke and beers are about 50 cent to 1$ US.

This is the breakfast menu that we got that day. They taste quite good, with Trung Nguyen Coffee and Yoghurt thrown in. There is a restaurant, but it's so small and it was packed at 8 o'clock when we visit it, so room service is the only way to go.
We had a nice stay here, it's a recomended place to stay if you want to visit Ho Chi Minh on a budget.