Hoang Lien Hotel review (Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam)

Hoang Lien Hotel

This is a review for my stay in Hoang Lien Hotel for Agoda & Tripadvisor
On my last day in Vietnam, I stayed in Hoang Lien hotel, near the city center of Ho Chi Minh.
At first it seems quite good for it's price. The lobby is beautiful, elevator not as cramped as other hotel I stayed in.

The room however is a different story. It's small in size, also seems narrow and the furnitures are strangely arranged. On the good side it has bath tub, albeit in a very out of date styling.

The bed was the smallest ever for a room dubbed "double ", and I've been to Tokyo which was suppose to be notorious for petite bedroom and bed.
This bed size ruined the whole stay, my friends (including 2 girls in another room) couldn't get a decent sleep. We clocked in just 4-5 hour of sleep, waking up often, bumping to each other. This guy in the pict even went out to snack twice in midnight and 4 in the morning, unable to sleep.

Breakfast was the best part of the stay, they served some noddle (pho?) which tasted great. It's choice of item are also quite diverse. Drinks are ok, and coffee taste decent. One of the best buffet breakfast we had in Vietnam, for it's price range anyway.

To conclude, I didn't have an enjoyable stay in this hotel.
I might recommend this hotel for couples, but not for friend sharing a bed. It's ridiculously small, you should consider other hotel if you want to get a decent sleep.