Platinum Grill Event

Thanksgiving Dinner

Platinum Grill Thanksgiving Turkey

Bulan November lalu saat perayaan Thanksgiving, Platinum Grill mengadakan acara makan malam dengan tema buffet. Berikut saya post beberapa foto menu yang dihidangkan

Last month on November, Platinum Grill had a thanksgiving dinner event, with a buffet style menus. Here are some photos from the delicious feast.

Hari Pengucapan Syukur (bahasa Inggris: Thanksgiving Day) adalah hari libur di Amerika Utara untuk mengucapkan terima kasih dan rasa bersyukur di akhir musim panen. Hari Pengucapan Syukur adalah hari libur resmi di Amerika Serikat yang jatuh pada Kamis keempat di bulan November. Di Kanada, Thanksgiving jatuh pada hari Senin kedua di bulan Oktober.

The centerpiece of contemporary Thanksgiving in the United States and Canada is a large meal, generally centered around a large roasted turkey. The majority of the dishes in the traditional American version of Thanksgiving dinner are made from foods native to the New World, as according to tradition the Pilgrims received these foods from the Native Americans. However, many of the classic traditions attributed to the first Thanksgiving are actually myths introduced later

Platinum Grill - Pool and Indoor Dining Area

Platinum Grill - Outdoor Dining Area & view

Platinum Grill - Pool and Indoor Dining Area

Platinum Grill - Pumpkin Soup Station

Platinum Grill - Pumpkin Soup

Platinum Grill - Roasted Turkey

Di Amerika Serikat terdapat tradisi menikmati makan malam Thanksgiving bersama keluarga, teman, dan kerabat. Kalkun merupakan hidangan utama, sehingga Thanksgiving juga dikenal sebagai "Hari Kalkun". 

Kalkun biasanya dimakan bersama saus kranberi dan hidangan lain seperti kentang puree, jagung rebus, pai labu (sisa perayaan Halloween), dan berbagai macam sayur-sayuran musim gugur yang lain.
Sewaktu menikmati makanan Thanksgiving, orang biasanya saling bercerita mengenai hal-hal baik yang telah mereka alami.
Liburan Thanksgiving dimulai sebagai hari libur nasional Amerika Serikat untuk berterima kasih dan memuji Tuhan. Warisan nilai-nilai keagamaan terus berlanjut dalam bentuk tradisi mengucapkan doa sebelum menikmati hidangan Thanksgiving. (

Roasted Turkey & BBQ

Platinum Grill - Roasted Turkey& Pork

Platinum Grill - Roasted Turkey

Platinum Grill - Roasted Turkey

Platinum Grill - Roasted Turkey Condiments

Platinum Grill - Mix Fries

Platinum Grill - BBQ Station

Platinum Grill - Ribs

Platinum Grill - Sucking Pig

Platinum Grill - Sausage
Platinum Grill - Grilled Chicken

Platinum Grill

Red Wine & Dessert Wine

Platinum Grill - Wine in a Glass

Platinum Grill

Platinum Grill
Platinum Grill - Rawson Retreat Dessert Wine

Disajikan pula wine untuk mendampingi santap malam di Platinum Grill, yang sempat kita coba adalah red wine dan dessert wine dari Rawson Retreat.
Dessert wine / Port ini adalah varian wine dengan rasa yang lebih manis daripada white wine pada umumnya, dan memiliki kadar alkohol yang lebih tinggi.

Red wine and Port Wine were served during the occasion. The notable one for me was the dessert wine / port wine from Rawson Retreat. I've only tasted port wine a few times, so I don't have a vast knowledge of them, but this wine sure tastes nice.

Here are an entry in Wikipedia about Dessert Wine :

There is no simple definition of a dessert wine. In the UK, a dessert wine is considered to be any sweet wine drunk with a meal, as opposed to the white fortified wines (fino and amontillado sherry) drunk before the meal, and the red fortified wines (port and madeira) drunk after it. Thus, most fortified wines are regarded as distinct from dessert wines, but some of the less strong fortified white wines, such as Pedro Ximénez sherry and Muscat de Beaumes-de-Venise, are regarded as honorary dessert wines. In the United States, by contrast, a dessert wine is legally defined as any wine over 14% alcohol by volume, which includes all fortified wines - and is taxed more highly as a result. This dates back to a time when the US wine industry only made dessert wines by fortification, but such a classification is outdated now that modern yeast and viticulture can produce dry wines over 15% without fortification, yet German dessert wines can contain half that amount of alcohol.

Platinum Grill - Dessert Wine
Dessert wines and fortified wines aren’t mainstream beverages that you want to drink every day. Some dessert and fortified wines are much higher in alcohol than regular wines, and some of them are extremely sweet (and rare and expensive!). They're the wine equivalent of really good candy.
Many wines enjoyed before dinner, as apéritif wines, or after dinner, as dessert wines, fall into the category of fortified wines (called liqueur wines by the European Union, or EU). Fortified wines all have alcohol added to them at some point in their production, giving them an alcohol content that ranges from 16 to 24 percent. (taken from

À la Carte Menu

Platinum Grill - Tower Burger (Beef and Bacon burger with two kind of Cheese)

Platinum Grill - Lobster with Garlic Butter

Platinum Grill - Salmon Station

Platinum Grill Salmon