Harajuku & Tokyo Night Scene from TMG

Harajuku Station & Night Scene from Tokyo Metropolitan Gov Building

原宿駅 harajuku-eki

Harajuku Station

 Stasiun Harajuku adalah salah satu stasiun kereta api di daerah Shibuya, Tokyo, yang dioperasikan oleh East Japan Railway Company (JR East) yang juga menjadi stasiun subway. Nama stasiun ini mengikuti nama daerah di sisi timurnya, Harajuku, salah satu area yang terkenal menjadi fashion trend setter di Jepang.

Harajuku Station (原宿駅 harajuku-eki?) is a railway station in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan, operated by East Japan Railway Company (JR East). The station takes its name from the area on its eastern side, Harajuku, renowned for being the fashion trend setter in Japan.

Harajuku Station (原宿駅 harajuku-eki)
Di dearah ini terdapat beberapa tempat yang menarik untuk dikunjungi, tapi biasanya lebih cocok untuk kaum hawa daripada adam, kebanyakan toko-toko di sini terkait fashion

This area is quite fascinating as a tourist destination. Girls would love this place most, since it's mostly fashion related, you can see a bunch of avant-garde fashionista here. The store around the area are also geared towards fashion.

Toko Buku / Book Store in Harajuku Area

Gaya Harajuku yang biasa kita lihat berasal dari nama daerah ini, dan ada satu jalan di Harajuku yang menjual barang fashion bertema gothic, lolita dan visual kei khas jepang, yaitu jalan Takeshita.
Teman seperjalanan waktu itu semua pria, jadi kita tidak mengecek ke toko-toko baju tapi malah ke toko komik (manga) dan DVD anime. 

The Harajuku style which young girls around the world adore can be found in the Takeshita Dori (street), which caters to clientele wanting various fashion style like Lolita, Gothic, and Visual Kei. 
My travel companion at the time were all male, so we didn't check many fashion store, instead we went to a book shop there which sells comic (manga) and anime collectibles.

Food Around Harajuku Area

Oden in Minimarket

Salah satu menu yang bisa ditemui di minimarket Jepang adalah Oden,

Ready to eat meal - Supermarket

Japanese Tart Pie

Miami Patio Restaurant

Japanese Dessert - Harajuku

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

Elevator to Top of TMG
Berhubung tema wisata ke Jepang ini adalah backpack, jadi kali ini kita juga mengunjungi obyek wisata yang terjangkau, bahkan gratis. TMG ini tidak dikenakan biaya untuk memasuki TGM ini, dan dari atas kita bisa bebas menikmati pemandangan kota Tokyo yang indah di waktu malam

This is one tourist spot that is highly recomended for you who's on a budget.
It costs nothing to enter, and you get the best view of Tokyo at night.
Here are some the pictures I took while in TMG.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building (東京都庁舎 Tōkyō-to Chōsha)
Also referred to as Tokyo City Hall or Tochō (都庁) for short, houses the headquarters of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, which governs not only the 23 wards, but also the cities, towns and villages that make up Tokyo as a whole.
Located in Shinjuku, the building consists of a complex of three structures, each taking up a city block. The tallest and most prominent of the three is Tokyo Metropolitan Main building No.1, a tower 48 stories tall that splits into two sections at the 33rd floor. The building also has three levels below ground. The design of the building (which was meant to resemble a computer chip), by architect Kenzo Tange (and associates), has many symbolic touches, most notably the aforementioned split which re-creates the look of a Gothic cathedral.
The other two buildings in the complex are the eight-story Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly Building (including one underground floor) and Tokyo Metropolitan Main Building No.2, which has 37 stories including three below ground.
The two panoramic observation decks, one in each tower on floor 45 (202 meters [663 ft] high), are free of charge to the public and contain gift shops and cafes.