The Gourmet Corner - Hanoi

The Gourmet Corner - Hanoi

Hanoi is great for foodies, eating out is generally cheaper than other neighboring countries with a dash of french influence that makes a good culinary experience.

We spent a particular afternoon trying an upscale restaurant in Hanoi. Albeit kinda posh it only costs about $10-15 per person here on average. The Gourmet Corner, located in the top level of Hanoi Elegance Diamond hotel.

In front we're greeted with a menu & photos of the dishes, which is funny because they have a different menu inside the gourmet corner, one without any picts whatsoever just texts, not sure if they're all the same.

The hotel is quite nice, it costs just about $40 a night if I remember correctly. Coming back I think I'll try staying here, just to sample their breakfast buffet ^^
The Hotel lobby

With Fish eyes lens, even elevator ride can be fun :D
The place is quite nice, have an elegant feel that reminiscence of 1980's. Fully draped, big couches, kinda Dynasty tv serial ( looking interior, which is not bad, just kinda odd, still beautiful though.

Wine selections

Liquor rack


They also have an outside eatery, you just have to walk past the kitchen corridor and ends up in the Terrace Bar. Not a good idea eating here in the day, due to the hot blistering sun in Vietnam.
Terrace Bar

Nice spot for photo
The cityscape is nice, but it's not that great under the daylight. For shutterbugs, it's better to visit this place a bit later in the afternoon, with this harsh daylight it's all over too contrasty under the shades, had to do multiple editing to make it presentable photos

After baking a bit under the sun and appeasing our narcissus half, we went back greeted with the wonderful dishes.
Cute Chopstick case

no umbrella ^^ not going all out with the 80's theme

As I mention before, they have different menu inside, this are the photo for the 3 course set menu.
It only costs 13.50 dollars for the complete set menu,a great bargain for the quality they serve.

Pumpkin soup

Fish and Chips

Triple decker sandwich

Nem Hanoi - springroll and side dishes

Grilled Bamboo Beef
One of the best vegetarian meal my friend had in Vietnam
Vegetarian Lasagna

Pomegranate Ice Cream