Adeque Lounge Malang & Roti Bakar Bandung

A Good Foodcourt Alternative

Adeque Lounge Malang

Kalau mendengar kata Lounge biasanya pikiran kita yang biasa di Surabaya membayangkan tempat-tempat menengah ke atas dengan setting tempat yang cozy dan banyak pilihan cocktail. Tempat makan yang menamakan dirinya Lounge ini cukup berbeda dengan kebanyakan lounge yang biasa kita temui di Surabaya.

Mention the word Lounge and our mind usually drift and imagining a cozy place, with lots of cocktail and live music, such as what you can find in Surabaya area. Well, this lounge is different from your typical lounge establishment.

Adeque Lounge Malang
Di lantai dasarnya tertutup / indoor dengan menggunakan AC, sedangkan lantai-lantai di atasnya berkonsep terbuka, suasananya cukup nyaman, tapi jangan berharap nuansa lounge standard surabaya, walau juga nyaman, tapi nuansanya lebih sederhana.

In the ground floor they have an indoor dining area, on the upper levels are outdoor with good view. Don't expect the luxury you usually get from regular lounge, though calling themselves as lounge, Adeque is a tad simpler in styling and ambiance.

Adeque Lounge Malang

Adeque Lounge Malang - Tahu Petis / Tofu with black paste sauce
Setali tiga uang dengan dekorasi dan styling yang sederhana, menu makanan di sini juga sama sederhananya. Menyediakan beberapa ragam snack dan hidangan khas pujasera Indonesia. Berhubung sorenya sudah sempat wisata kuliner di tempat lain, jadi kali ini hanya sekedar menikmati snack ditemani minuman hangat.

In line with the decor, food here are also simple snack and dishes, similar to what you'll find in typical Indonesian food court.
We already had a quick bite elsewhere so we spent the time here eating snacks accompanied by warm beverages.

Adeque Lounge Malang - Lumpia

Tahunya crispy dan tidak basah minyak, istimewa sih tidak, tapi sesuai ekspetasi.
Untuk lumpianya sedikit kurang sesuai selera, rasanya sedikit langu, tapi tetap bisa dinikmati.

The tofu tastes quite nice, fried with enough heat so it doesn't get soggy, not particularly good, but still tasty.
The other one is Lumpia, which description can be found in this entry from wikipedia below. This one isn't really suitable for my taste unfortunately.

Lumpia are pastries of Chinese origin similar to fresh popiah or fried spring rolls popular in Southeast Asia. The term lumpia derives from Hokkien lunpia (Chinese: 潤餅; pinyin: rùnbǐng; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: jūn-piáⁿ, lūn-piáⁿ), which is an alternate term for popiah. The recipe, both fried and fresh versions, was brought by the Chinese immigrants from the Fujian province of China to Southeast Asia and became popular where they settled in Indonesia and the Philippines.

In the Netherlands, Belgium and France, it is spelled loempia which is the old Indonesian spelling for lumpia and has also become the generic name for "spring roll" in Dutch and French. A variant is the Vietnamese lumpia, wrapped in a thinner piece of pastry, in a size close to a spring roll though, the wrapping closes the ends off completely, which is typical for lumpia. In Venezuela, it is the local generic term meaning "egg roll". How it got to that country is unknown, but it was possibly influenced by Filipino culture.

Adeque Lounge Malang - Teh
Pilihan makanan lain yang ada di sini termasuk Pangsit Mie, aneka Mie Kaget (dengan belasan hingga puluhan cabe) dan beberapa sandwich.

Other Food selections are Wonton Noodle, super hot noodles, called Mie Kaget /  Shocking Noodle, and some typical cafe food like sandwich and such.

Adeque Lounge Malang - Kopi Jahe

Roti Bakar Bandung

Roti Bakar Bandung

Di sekitar bangunan ruko tempat lokasi Adeque ini, terdapat beragam makanan kaki lima yang juga menggoda. Ada yang menjual nasi goreng, masakan Cina sederhana dan yang kali ini kita beli, Roti Bakar Bandung

In the vicinity of the area there are some street vendor selling scrumptious street food, such as fried rice, simple stir fried chinese food and this one that we ended up buying, Grilled Bread or called Roti Bakar Bandung, which you can tell from the name, originated or popular in Bandung City.

Penjaja Roti Bakar Bandung

Pilihan Selai Roti Bakar Bandung

Roti Bakar Bandung / Grilled Bread

Adeque Lounge

Jln Sawojajar, Malang


  1. mohon info beli roti bakarnya saja diman ya . soalnya saya mau buka disumbermanjing . trims

  2. mohon info beli roti bakarnya saja diman ya . soalnya saya mau buka disumbermanjing . trims


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